People lie because of fear of loss or pain. They are afraid if
they always tell the truth, things might go badly for them.

So people lie to try to obtain a better result for themselves.
But lies can take you only so far. Truth always prevails in the
end. So a lie that was done in an attempt to help you, will
always end up eventually hurting you instead.

Some might argue that sometimes lies are used to avoid hurting
other’s feelings. Like when someone asks, “Do I look old or
fat?” and you tell them “No!” because you want them to feel
good about themselves. But actually you don’t want them to
think badly of you for telling them the truth.
Proverbs 12:19

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I finished watching “The fault In Our Stars” yesterday. I think i am the only one who didnt cry it is a heartfelt movie but nope no tears came out

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8 Hours…

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